About Us

Welcome to The Lumière Co - an online marketplace of personally curated products, made in conscious way to protect our planet, support small businesses, and add light to everyday moments.

The Lumière Co started in April 2020 as a one-product initiative to help tailors make an income during the COVID-19 lockdown. We started with fabric masks - a sustainable alternative to disposable ones - embroidered with fun designs and customizable options, and were met with great support for our products and our mission.

From there, we grew The Lumière Co into a whole brand with the simple aim to bring light to everyday moments in a conscious way. In the past few months, we’ve created a range of products that we truly hope you love.

We started our brand with a mission to help, and we remain committed to that ethos. 

Most of The Lumière Co’s products are made in-house, locally in a made-to-order method to avoid waste. For the small range of products we have outsourced, we have carefully selected suppliers, aiming to support small businesses who share our values. 

To continue our mission of helping people, we have launched two lines - the Be Kind to Your Mind Series, and the Save the Earth series - which will raise funds for mental health and environmental non-profit organizations, and are in the process of launching more social impact lines.

To chat with us, share your ideas, or give your feedback, you can get in touch with us at info@thelumiereco.com, or me personally at arshia@thelumiereco.com - we would love to hear from you. 

With light,

Arshia Shroff